Author: Weronika

Why are you so tired?

To feel energized and ready to rock the world you need to take some time to relax and recharge your body.Although getting a good night’s sleep is a great place to start, it may be not enough, to give your body and mind all the relaxation it needs. In fact, there are 7 types of…
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Music and Feelings

Music influences parts of the auditory cortex, including the Heschl’s gyrus and superior temporal gyrus, specifically responding to pulse clarity. Changes in dynamics, rhythm, timbre, and the introduction of new instruments cause an uptick in the response. Instrumental music evokes rich subjective experiences. In response to music, people report feeling chills, shivers down their spine,…
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Mindful activities to do with your kid

You can start your journey of mindfulness from the early days. Here are some tips on how to practice mindfulness with a kid.

Music’s effect on the brain

It is remarkable, how music influences the brain. The rightly selected composition can change your mindset and help with everyday struggles. To read more go to:

Is studying with music helpful?

According to the research, listening to music has a positive effect on the quality of your work or study session. More than 40% of respondents admit that music usually helps them with learning. The music itself has properties that assist in activating areas of the brain, which in turn raises focus and attention. Music also…
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25 Days of Mindfulness with Calmi

We invite you to join us in our 25 Days of Mindfulness Challenge. Every day you get to fulfill one simple task, that will draw you closer to a calm and relaxed mindset.

Music Therapy

Music has unbelievable properties. The right sound may help you focus, relax, or fall asleep. The life-soundtrack, perfectly mirroring your current mood can be a reliable assistant with everyday struggles.  Scientists from all over the world have been researching music therapy potential for years. Results published by “The Indian Journal of Palliat Care” have revealed…
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